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Aspheric vs Spherical Thickness Comparison​

Progressive (No-Line Bifocal)

Best Quality Scratch-Resistant Lenses

Straight Top Bifocal

Same Day Service Available on Most Prescriptions 

Choosing Optical Lenses for Your Frames

Our experienced optical staff will help you decide which material and what design best fits your needs. If you are thinking about lenses that change in the sun we will help you decide which color is best for you. Most of these can be made fast, even the same day as your visit.

Choosing Lenses can be very confusing. You may hear many new words such as:

  • CR-39
  • High index
  • Polycarbonate
  • Photochromatic (ex: Smart Shade, Transitions, Instashades)
  • Single vision
  • Straight top bifocal
  • Progressive (sometimes called a no-line bifocal)
  • Aspheric or spherical
  • Anti-reflective lenses

Clear or Photochromatic

     Our premium lens products represent a new generation of plastic lens material that produces a thinner, lighter, and more cosmetically attractive lens than standard plastic. Our premium index material transmits more light for clearer sharper vision and can be produced clear or photochromatic.                        

These lenses are available in Clear Light, Sun Smart Gray, Sun Smart Brown and Ultra Sun Gray. The chart to the right may help you decide which material is best for you.

These words describe either the lens design or the material used to make the lens. CR-39, high index and polycarbonate are three different materials from which lenses are made. Single vision indicates the lens power is for a single distance, either distance or reading. Bifocal and/or Progressive (sometimes called a no-line bifocal) will help you at both distance and reading.
Digital lens technology allows us to provide premium lens deigns, materials, coatings (for example mirror) and inborne Anti-Reflective lenses. Again this is done in-office for same day service. We utilize a computerized lens cutting system and the newest technology in casting digital freeform lenses.​

Straight Top-28(lined) Bifocal

  • Thin lighter lens
  • Improved optics
  • Maximizes perceived viewing area
  • A premium upgrade for all lined bifocal wearers
  • Available in photosensitive lenses that change in the sun. (see chart below for color options)    

Aspheric Single Vision

  • Super thin profile
  • Greatly improved optics
  • Wider usable viewing area
  • More accurate prescription across entire lens surface
  • A true premium upgrade

CFL Aspheric Progressive (no-line bifocal)

  • Advanced, latest generation design
  •  Among the industry’s highest patient adaptation rates
  • True, consistent curve for superior vision
  • Significantly reduced  peripheral distortion
  • Optimal corridor length fits a greater range of frames

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